Invacom Quad LNB

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Flange Invacom QDF-031 Quad LNB

A high performance universal LNB with 4 independent outputs for dishes delivered with their own food horns.

Universal Quad LNB
0.3 dB, C-120 flange


      Input frequency 10.70-12.75 GHz
      Local oscillator frequency (LOF) 9.75 / 10.60 GHz
      Buller number: 0.3 dB type
      Gain: 50 - 60dB
      Feed diameter 40 mm
      Band switch 0/22 kHz
      Switching vertically (V) from 11.5 to 14.0 V
      Switch Horizontal (H) 15.5-19.0 V
      Power consumption 200 mA type

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