Antenna Filter Emese ANT81943

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Filters disturbance that comes from the 4G band that is higher than Channel> 60 on UHF
Block malfunction of the 4G band over 700Mhz
filter 47-680 MHz or channel 5-60

New passive filters have been designed for attenuation of signals that will be transmitted over the telephone band called 4G (former TV UHF channels E61 .. E69). These filters differ in their selectivity and extent of use. They are all made of cast contacts or IEC, just to make them suitable for insertion at each point of the distribution system. With respect to the slope of the TV Tape Band 4G (LTE) section, it is made with the latest technology and respond to the specifications included in the IEC 100-7 (Typical) Guides. Everyone else has a less pronounced transition, made with LC-type cells, and can be used to build the models described above, or where the risk of interference is not particularly pronounced.

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