Multiconnect Kit Expand cabling

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Multiconnect Kit - Extra Cabling

This innovative LNB system especially for plants that utilize several LNBs on a satellite dish. Its new slim feed technology includes advanced dielectric materials and a perfect front design. This technology ensures maximum energy transfer from the bowl to the LNB circuits even when the LNB position is out of focus. Additionally, the small long neck allows placing the LNB close to each other and accessing satellites usually too close in their orbital mode to receive with normal neck LNB on a standard satellite dish. This kit comes with all system files cables. This LNB System enables the installation of a maximum of four Quad and / or LNB Quattro from our MultiConnect LNB product range (on any standard 60-80cm Universal Bowl).

This kit includes: 4x Coaxial Cables for Quad / Quattro LNB, 4x Distances + Card Extenders (for Maximum 5 Single or Quattro LNB * Installations), 5 x Mounting Screws, 1x Installation Guide * The LNBs are not included and must be purchased separately.


Main Features:

All system files cables are included
Slim feed the equipment for receiving up to 7 satellites from 2 ° to 30 °
Dielectric flows and total freedom in LNB positioning optimize off-focus reception performance
Recommended for 60-80cm Universal dish antennas

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