Emesse Multi-band Antenna K.5-60 El.43-3DIP LTE-Free

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Gain dB

Front-back ratio dB

Horizontal beamwidth

Wind loading


        5-60 ,   55M3L   31            16            24                  60°, 45°-25°      8,5            1480

It Comes with LTE Filter 8 CELLS UHF 21-60 Free of charge

These antennas from our Ice series are ideal for receiving different bands simultaneously and made by mechanics combining VHF and UHF antennas. They have only one F output mixed in the UHF dipole box except 47LX which has two separate UHF and VHF outputs. Multi-band antennae are supplied with low loss cables for connection of the two dipoles. The installation is quick and easy and can be done in fixed mode or together with the antenna rotor.

Code 36LX3 has two separate UHF and VHF dipoles, while Model 55M3 (MULTI-3) has a multiplex dipole studied to combine the VHF and UHF band to reduce installation times.

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